CymbiQ Group: Cyber Resilience in Strategic Corporate Planning

Marco Marchesi, CEO, CymbiQ GroupMarco Marchesi, CEO
The success of a business today depends not on technological innovations alone, but on how good the company is at ensuring security and resilience within the organization. Cybersecurity and cyber resilience are turning into hygiene factors in today’s digital world; and with them being crucial requirements that ensure a company’s survival, CymbiQ Group works with clients to make their organizations and processes viable to thrive in this uncertain digital world. Cybersecurity is an integral part of digitalization today and businesses have to incorporate new security considerations in their strategic plans increasingly. CymbiQ Group pools high calibre security providers from across Europe to bring a wide range of cybersecurity and resilience capabilities under one roof.

Providing integrated security solutions and cyber risk resilience services as a combined proposition, the CymbiQ team protects its customers against digital threats. It helps them build the resilience they need to create and run a successful business. The company supports its customers with its know-how in technology consulting and systems integration, security advisory and governance, risk and compliance consulting, as well as managed services in the critical areas of network and security operations. Working in close collaboration with its customers, CymbiQ develops tailored IT concepts designed precisely around clients’ needs. The firm’s consulting team will support clients with its wide-ranging spectrum of integrated expertise in business continuity management (BCM), holistic security concepts, risk and compliance management systems, and more.

CymbiQ Group’s managed security services also offer customers the benefit of the company’s combined experience and situational awareness of security-specific needs.

CymbiQ Group’s managed security services offers customers the benefit of the company’s combined experience and situational awareness of security-specific needs

The company achieves this level of effective protection with an agile and end-to-end approach via its cybersecurity and network operations centres (SOC & NOC), which are integral elements of its cyber risk resilience services. As a managed security service provider (MSSP), CymbiQ operates digital security processes from an off-site location and allows enterprises to conduct their businesses with minimal intrusion while maintaining a constant line of communication with the consumer.

Unlike other traditional MSSPs who generally send critical alerts and notification with further instructions to remediate a situation, CymbiQ provides continuous monitoring and detection and takes prompt and pre-emptive action against a range of known and emerging vulnerabilities to protect its client’s business. CymbiQ democratizes next-generation cybersecurity by delivering services that offer the same level of protection enjoyed by large enterprises to small-to-mid-sized firms at a fraction of the cost. As a leading MSSP, CymbiQ Group maintains quality at scale and provides trustworthy solutions at a competitive price. The company assures the best results by continuously monitoring a client’s digital infrastructure. Leveraging security operations centres that operate 24/7, the company’s cybersecurity experts collaborate with clients to resolve critical security events. In addition to monitoring and preventing backdoor cyber activities, the security operations centre significantly reduces downtime and rapidly initiates remediation processes.

A recent study by Market Watch has revealed that the managed security services market is bound to rise over $58 billion by 2024. The benefits and perks that a business can have partnering with a company in this rapidly growing space are enormous. It not only helps an enterprise reach all its security goals but also allows its internal team and leaders to focus more on their core objectives. CymbiQ is one such pioneer in the MSSP space that takes the necessary measures to make their clients strong enough for the digital world, while simultaneously, creating a sustainable cybersecurity culture.

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CymbiQ Group

CymbiQ Group

Zurich, Switzerland

Marco Marchesi, CEO

With integrated security solutions and Cyber ​​Risk Resilience® from a single source, the CymbiQ Group supports its customers in order to protect them against these digital threats and to become and remain resilient to attacks so that they can survive in the uncertain digital world.The CymbiQ Group is a new cybersecurity group that is being established with its headquarters in Switzerland and brings together highly qualified security providers from across Europe