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Mit Patel, Managing Director, Netstar IT SupportMit Patel, Managing Director
In today’s digital era where cybercrime is rising drastically, the majority of IT service providers focus on the technology in isolation, often overlooking the importance of IT security. “They often forget that IT is made of two words—information and technology. The very reason organizations have a system in place is to store and access information, which they fail to realize,” stresses Mit Patel, Managing Director of Netstar IT Support. As technologists look to modernize their IT infrastructure to quickly meet the market demands, ensuring everyone in the organization has an awareness of security becomes very crucial.

Netstar IT Support focuses not only on making sure its clients are well served, but also on educating organizations about the importance of security and the right approach to information management. With a vision to help people succeed through technology, the highly-skilled IT team at Netstar proactively works towards delivering technologies that effectively addresses clients’ business needs around information security and business growth. “We have the necessary tools and expertise to tailor and deliver the perfect IT solutions for all businesses,” states Patel.

Netstar focuses on three major aspects while delivering IT support services—information security, accessibility, and back-up. The company follows unique practices to bring clients up to a high standard, ensuring robust security. These practices include setting up a firewall and having password protection along with two-factor authentication in place.

Along with IT support, Netstar also helps their customers in meeting regulatory compliance. “Unlike other competitors who just focus on technical support, we understand the compliance requirements and deliver robust solutions,” says Patel.

We have the necessary tools and experience to deliver the perfect IT solutions for all businesses

To mould their IT support and security services according to client needs, Netstar begins their customer onboarding process by running a service desk for two weeks. The company then sets aside a separate team that communicates with the client to find out what systems and tools they employ and assesses them against a number of security benchmarks to identify any pain points. After the overall assessment, the firm invites the client to their office for a white board session. “During the white board session, we map out every security system they have in place along with the potential risks or concerns our team has observed. We then address their queries and also educate them on what forms of security they need in their company,” says Patel.

Illustrating a client success story Patel mentions a partnership where a client was looking to achieve ISO27001 standards. The client approached Netstar for guidance to attain the ISO27001 certification, in response to which, Netstar implemented best security practices in line with compliance. “Using our IT support services, the client was able to eliminate the obstacles in pitching their work to prospects,” states Patel.

Behind the success of their managed security services is a diligent R&D team that effectively devotes 800 hours annually in researching for new solutions, predicting future threats, and how they can be prevented. The R&D team also conducts various tests on other vendors’ products and services to check if they meet customer requirements. Apart from delivering services specific to financial and real estate professionals, Netstar also provides fully managed outsourced IT to medium-sized businesses, with an on-site presence included.

Having been in the IT support landscape for more than a decade, Netstar has earned several accolades and awards for its unparalleled service. The firm recently won the UK Best- Managed Service Provider award run by the Service Desk Institute (SDI) . Netstar also experienced a growth of 18 percent in the financial year of 2018-2019. Looking towards the future, Netstar is growing a relatively new team, one which is solely focused on mid-market companies. The firm is even pressing ahead to fulfil its long-time vision of supporting 20,000 end-users by 2025.

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