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Mr. Youssef Abillama, CEO, SHELTMr. Youssef Abillama, CEO
According to recent reports, 60 million Americans were victims of identity theft, while over 2.5 billion social media records were breached in 2018 alone. The data points out an apparent fact that identity theft and intellectual property theft are on the rise. This inadvertently means a very high potential loss of reputation for a company or a brand with the high risk of disinformation and brand damage. “Cybersecurity today is about much more than detecting an attack or stopping a phishing or a ransomware campaign,” says Mr. Youssef Abillama, the CEO of SHELT. “We have to adopt a preemptive approach to be able to deal with the most imminent threats emerging today and REVA is a solution that is on point with the current trends.”

After proving its mettle in the EMEA region for many years, SHELT is introducing its new technology, REVA, in the USA through partnering with MSSPs and MSPs. REVA is a state-of-theart SaaS technology built to minimize an organization’s online digital risk and help them overcome cybersecurity challenges while enabling trust in their digital transformation journey. Being an intelligent automated solution, it identifies cybersecurity risks and is uniquely positioned to actively remediate them with a 24x7 effective “takedown” service. This will drastically reduce attack surfaces while enabling brands to uphold the trust and reputation they’ve built. “With REVA, we are able to intelligently “know what you don’t know” about your online presence and monitor and maintain your digital footprint across social media platforms, surface, deep and dark webs,” states Mr. Bassam Touma, the Business Development Director and Founding Partner of SHELT.

REVA, coupled with efficient AI, advanced machine learning algorithms, and proprietary image recognition features, actively searches the cyberspace and automatically detects any type of brand impersonation, leaked sensitive information, C-level impersonations, and any kind of unauthorized content shared in public spaces. In parallel, it provides accurate threat intelligence on subjects of interest. “Threat results curated by our cyberanalysts will be then processed for an immediate takedown, ensuring that your brand and VIP identities are safe online,” adds Mr. Abillama. If it all seems quite overwhelming, the good news is that this combination of both technology and Shelt’s 24x7 managed services are packaged at very affordable prices, which makes the company very attractive to any MSSPs.

Created from years of executing cybersecurity red teaming exercises, penetration testing, research, and operating cyber defence projects across EMEA, REVA directly addresses the major threats against any brand.
Mr. Bassam Touma, Business Development Director
This includes social media brand and VIP profile impersonation, logo and copyright abuse, leaked financial and other confidential data, compromised cards and IBANs, VIP private data exposure, and more. Machine learning algorithms curate the results. In addition, human cyber analysts apply further triage for maximum efficiency and optimized and reduced false-positive threat reporting and risk qualification. “By feeding our SaaS solution with specific keywords and images related to the business we are protecting and across REVA’s eight core modules,” mentions Mr. Abillama. The modules are: Data Breach Protection module, Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) and Impersonation module, Copyright and Trademark module, Anti-Phishing module, Attack Surface reduction& Vulnerability Intelligence module, Digital Footprint Protection module, Tactical Cyber Threat Intelligence module, 3rd Party & Cloud Security modules (including known Instant Messaging applications.) In addition to its active and deterministic expansion into the US market, SHELT is continuously investing in enhancing REVA to meet the growing demand in the market. “Our innovation lab is constantly researching the latest threats and conceiving modules to be able to accurately and timely deal with them,” says Mr. Touma.

Threat results curated by our cyber analysts will be then processed for an immediate takedown, ensuring that your brand and VIP identities are safe online

Furthermore, SHELT is proud of its latest service innovation as well where they are offering and further developing an integrated advanced detection and response (ADR) solution over a Cloud Content Security platform of its partner company Firstwave Cloud Technologies—a public listed company on the Australian stock exchange having a large footprint within the Telco and Mobile Network Operators in the APAC and EMEA regions. The ADR product offering named Cybercision will offer advanced threat protection and analysis over email security, web security, firewalls, and endpoint security offered through Firstwave cloud.
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Mr. Youssef Abillama, CEO and Mr. Bassam Touma, Business Development Director

Offers REVA, a state-of-the-art SaaS technology that is built to minimize an organization's online digital risk and help them overcome cyber security challenges while enabling trust in their digital transformation journey